painting old wallsPainting is a task of showing originality and creative skills. It is an aggregation of ideal color mishmash. When you are seeing that both your home and workspace internal and external walls have become old and you want to paint it, you can appoint a specialist and expert painting company or can also do it yourself. While many home owners call for the specialists, some want to do the home paining job by themselves. It’s fun to paint your home. Following are some of the DIY tips you can chase:-

1. Preparation- Before you begin to paint your walls, make sure the plane is neat and has ample space. Assemble for all the material which you may require to paint the walls so that you can get it easily when desired. Clean the walls and wait till it dries up.
2. Covering the furniture- Cover those objects which are not necessary. You can use wrapping sheets or old newspaper for covering the furniture or other objects. Start painting from the top and then move towards the rim.
3. Decision- While deciding the color give stress on the furniture, lightning and exterior paints as well. A good selection of painting will give your wall background a glossy look.
4. Right tools- The paint brush and paint rollers are the most vital things you might want for painting the walls. Use paint brush in place of paint rollers while painting the edge or a small area.
5. Be creative- You should be creative while painting your internal walls. Stop using old painting styles. Special paints are accessible for achieving a different look and mode.
6. Double coating- People favor double coating because they present a better look on the wall. Thus we can say that both inside and outside walls need careful maintenance in order to make it look attractive forever.

Limestone is one of the most common types of stone material that is used in the floors all over the world. But unlike granite, quartz, lime stone is not available in the market with huge range of colors but this material is very durable and strong and if you refinish it you can use limestone for the rest of your life as your flooring material. In order to refinish the lime stone flooring you should take off the large debris from the floor and mop it off completely and you should let it dry for about one day with no foot traffic on to it. You should refurnish the flooring from one corner of your room and you should proceed towards the entrance of the door slowly. After stripping each lime stone tile you should wipe it off with water in order to remove the striper reside from the tiles.

UPVC cladding, benefits of UPVC cladding  When you decide to install double glazing in your windows you will have to determine the material with which you want the frames to be constructed. In recent times it has been seen that Un-plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC) has become extremely popular and most double glazing companies are opting for UPVC. The reason that has contributed to the popularity of UPVC is the numerous advantages that it has.

One of the biggest benefits of UPVC is its cost. It is the cheapest material that is available after timber and aluminum.  Therefore, it is extremely cost effective. Another benefit of UPVC is its low maintenance. UPVC never rusts rots, fades and flakes. All it takes to maintain UPVC is just regular cleaning with a piece of cloth. UPVC offers security and it is extremely durable as well. The insulation factor of UPVC also surpasses that of aluminum and wood. All these benefits of UPVC make it very popular.


Making curtains for the windows of your dwelling isn’t a tough ask, especially when you know little bit about sewing and measuring. Curtains or drapes are the French way of embellishing your abode, and they really light up the décor when the colors are smartly chosen. To make the curtains yourself, you first have to decide on the material and valance that would suit the already decorated room.

The color of the material should appropriately go with the side walls and the size of the windows should me accurately measured. Let your imagination take over during the selection and when it comes to the quantity, always buy a little more than required. You can always bring some cut outs of various colors and designs home, in order to see which has best the look. Sewing curtains does not require high degree of skill, so do it yourself to feel the satisfaction.

You spend at least an hour in the bathroom everyday washing away the tiredness, worries and sweat after a long day. And this is precisely why you have to make sure that you always keep your bathroom clean. So, you will also have to make sure that you clean your bathroom tiles properly. To clean your bathroom tiles spray a bathroom cleaner on the tiles and scrub with a kitchen sponge. Wet the tiles before spraying the cleaner.

After scrubbing the tiles thoroughly you will see that there are some stubborn stains that refuse to go. These stains are usually caused by hard water that contains why amount of iron. To remove these bold stains you can use white vinegar. Wear hand gloves, spray white vinegar on the tiles and scrub hard. If the stains still refuse to go away you can use toilet bowl cleaner. The bowl cleaner is caustic and you should not keep it on for a long time.

There are pests like cockroaches and crickets which live in every house and destroys or weakens the house. These pests actually live outside but find some way or the other to enter our house. They get in through small corners and holes. These are potentially disease carrying pests and you need the help of pest control to keep them away.

You need to find a good pest control company which will send their people at your place. There are different kinds of treatments that these people use to get rid of the pests. One such treatment is void treatment. This removes pests living in the corners of our house. Other kinds of treatments remove pests from cracks and crevices. There are also insect growth regulators and baits among other techniques.

Even though you can use certain pest control methods yourself, it is best to rely on experts for this matter. Insect controlling gels and sprays available in the market do not provide a permanent solution.

Limestone is an excellent choice for your house. Beautiful designs can be carved out of them. Limestone, however, is a soft and porous material. It gets stained easily and gets grubby marks on them, this often spoils its beauty and therefore, it requires care.

Here’s what you should do in order to smoothen out the surfaces of limestone. Select a stone to start your work. Smooth away the edges with the stone rasp. You must be careful with it so that you do not smooth it too much, especially if it’s a small one. Add smaller chisels if think you need to enhance it any further. Repeat the steps in order to smoothen it completely.

Keep certain things in mind while dealing with limestone. Never wax or spray polishes, bathroom cleaners, plaster etc. Never place vases or any such thing directly on the limestone surfaces as this could result in a permanent ring mark.

Oak wood is highly susceptible to oxidation on being exposed to the elements. Furniture made of this wood needs to be treated extra carefully to avoid graying and discoloration.
The best way to maintain Oakwood is by bleaching it occasionally.

Fill one gallon of water into a garden pump sprayer adding an equal amount of liquid chlorine bleach.

Protect your eyes and mouth as well as your hands pump the solution onto the wood. Wait for half an hour without allowing it to dry out completely so that the solution loosens up the oxidation marks.

Wash down the wood with water from a garden hose or power washer to remove any residual traces of both the bleach as well as oxidation marks. The process can be repeated until all the marks come out.

In case of stubborn stains and marks scrub with a rough brush that is soaked with the solution.


We use limestone as floors, countertops, pillars as well as other construction applications. Limestone looks attractive, has multiple color options, and it is durable. Limestone can last for a long time if maintained properly. It is prone to scratches if it is struck by hard substance or if anything is dragged across it. Deep scratches need professional assistance but you can cover up small scratches easily.


1. Use warm water and a mild dishwashing soap should be used to wash the area around the scratch.

2. A light steel wool should be used to buff the scratch. Steel wool has different numbers which is related to its coarseness. You should use the lightest kind, which has a number 0000. If you make use of heavier steel wool, it may damage the surface.

3. Use a black permanent marker to color the scratch if your limestone is of dark shade. The scratch is covered up and so becomes not noticeable. Excess coloring around the scratch is to be removed using a cotton ball dipped in denatured alcohol.


Fiber glassing the rust spots is helpful in preventing the rust from spreading.

In case of a rusted car door panel or patio door, you can fiberglass it to seal out moisture.

Fiberglass forms a strong, light bond and replaces the corroded metal.


1. Use a wire brush to clean the rusted area by wiping it and sand away the paint using sand paper.

2. Fiberglass strips are to be cut with length an inch longer than the length of the area you want covered.

3. While mixing up the fiberglass resin and hardener in a mixing bowl in the recommended proportion, use rubber gloves. Stir the mixture by using a stick.

4. After dipping the fiberglass strips in the compound, you should quickly apply them to the rusted area. Cover the entire area at once and allow it to dry completely. All this takes up half to full day.

5. Use sandpaper to sand fiberglass and make it smooth if you want to paint it over.

6. Let it dry after applying primer. Then the final coat of paint is applied to the fiberglass area and allowed to dry.

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