You spend at least an hour in the bathroom everyday washing away the tiredness, worries and sweat after a long day. And this is precisely why you have to make sure that you always keep your bathroom clean. So, you will also have to make sure that you clean your bathroom tiles properly. To clean your bathroom tiles spray a bathroom cleaner on the tiles and scrub with a kitchen sponge. Wet the tiles before spraying the cleaner.

After scrubbing the tiles thoroughly you will see that there are some stubborn stains that refuse to go. These stains are usually caused by hard water that contains why amount of iron. To remove these bold stains you can use white vinegar. Wear hand gloves, spray white vinegar on the tiles and scrub hard. If the stains still refuse to go away you can use toilet bowl cleaner. The bowl cleaner is caustic and you should not keep it on for a long time.


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